1984 Based in Thessaloniki, the company Christianspose creates a modern enterprise bridal high standards. The consistency and excellent service, as well as cooperation with firms abroad make up a successful and timeless profile.

The companies co-located in Paris, Milano, New York, London


Designer Anna Romyz, headquartered in Paris, awarded many times in international exhibitions, ethereal bridal designs in romantic style. The glamour, excellent quality and luxury, not lacking in any collection.


Based in America, and now in London, creates innovative bridal subverting traditional techniques. The excellent application characterizes the line. The bride's every desire is to find a wedding dress that fits them perfectly. Bridal company hug curves in all the right places, giving a sense of impeccable style. Based on this principle was used to combine the magic fit.


 It is an American company based in Los Angeles,  and in London as well  for the European customers.Specificity of the company and recognition is the elaborate beadwork and meticulous in detail. This focus on detail and intricacy is still the priority. 30 years now, given the wealth of experience as a designer and manufacturer is in a unique position to offer high quality dresses at competitive prices.


 The company is headquartered in Milan, is one of the most renowned brands in Italy. Their characteristic feature is the innovative trend of Italian fashion. Dresses which are characterized by quality and a wide variety of fabrics, give a character, unique, special, unique. Silk dresses, lace, taffeta, satin royal, a high level of implementation and luxury brings them to the top of the most significant Italian houses Dresses.

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